Fernando Dufour has invented something of immeasurable value to the world.  The world doesn’t know it yet.

Fernando’s great dream is that the world will recognize the value of his invention before he is dead and gone and his life’s work is tossed into a landfill.

Colin Low has devoted his life to making documentary films.  He has completed his final film and is now retired.

Colin’s great dream is to make another film.

Fernando and Colin set forth on a journey together into the unknown, on a quest to make visible the invisible.

FERNANDO is a film about two unusually creative men, a remarkable invention — the 3D Periodic Table — and the essential relevance of keeping one foot in the real world when voyaging into the unknown, when attempting to make visible the invisible.


PDF of FERNANDO ‘proposal\treatment’: an overview of project. (24.3 megs)

Fernando Proposal


PDF of FERNANDO ‘storyboard’: a more detailed summary of the film with ‘narration’ and ‘voice-over’ samples. (98.7 megs).  This is a large file and will take several minutes to download.

Fernando Storyboard

See below for a more detailed description of the film, found in downloadable PDF’s of both the ‘proposal’ and a ‘storyboard’.

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